Spring 2020 Contributors / Collaborateurs

Shawn W. Brackett is a PhD candidate in history at the University of Calgary. A specialist in the North American West, he travels across borders of all kinds to uncover and tell the many stories of education’s history. His work focuses on the people, communities, and ideas of normal schools and teachers’ colleges of Canada and the United States.

William (“Bill”) Bruneau ( was a founding member of the Canadian History of Education Association and editor of Historical Studies in Education/Revue d’histoire de l’éducation, 1995–2002. He is professor emeritus at the University of British Columbia, where he taught at the undergraduate and graduate levels(1971–2003). Bill was president of the Canadian Association of University Teachers, 1996–1998. His research concerns the history of universities in Canada and Europe, the history and development of academic freedom, and latterly the political and educational theory of Bertrand Russell.

Maxime Colleret est un candidat au doctorat en science, technologie et société à l’Université du Québec à Montréal, sous la direction de Yves Gingras. Membre étudiant du CIRST, ils’’intéresse à l’histoire des institutions universitaires en général et à l’institutionnalisation d’une pratique de brevetage au sein des universités canadiennes en particulier.

Germund Larsson, PhD, is an associate professor in the department of education at Uppsala University. He is also the coordinator of the national graduate school on applied history of education. Larsson’s earlier publications include his dissertation Crimes and Expulsions: Punishment Practice in the Swedish Upper Secondary Schools 1905–1961 (2018).

Reesa Sorin, PhD, is an independent scholar, residing and working in Australia. A former Winnipeg Major Work student, she researches the Winnipeg Major Work program, conceptualizations of childhood; emotional literacy; arts-based teaching and learning; and early childhood education. She extends special thanks to Don Murray, also a former Major Work student, lawyer, and former Chair of the Manitoba Securities Commission in Winnipeg, for providing assistance and input into the research and writing of this paper.

Elizabeth Arnold Stone is professor emeritus and former dean of the Ontario Veterinary College, University of Guelph. Her book projects include Sick! Curious Tales of Pests and Parasites We Share with Animals (2014); and Animal Companions, Animal Doctors, and Animal People (2012). Her research interests include the history of veterinary education and how it has reflected and shaped the role of veterinarians and animals in society.

E. Brian Titley ( is professor emeritus of education at the University of Lethbridge, Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada. He is the author of six books, the most recent of which, Into Silence and Servitude: How American Girls Became Nuns, 1945–1965, was published by McGill-Queen’s University Press in 2017.

Johannes Westberg is professor of theory and history at the University of Groningen, the Netherlands, and professor of education at Örebro University, Sweden. He is the organizer of the Nordic network on history of education, and the director of the national graduate school on applied history of education. His recent publications include the monograph Funding the Rise of Mass Schooling (Palgrave Macmillan, 2017), and the edited book School Acts and the Rise of Mass Schooling (Palgrave Macmillan, 2019), edited with Lukas Boser and Ingrid Brühwiler.

Kevin Woodger is a PhD Candidate in the department of history at the University of Toronto. His research focuses on the history of uniformed youth movements for boys in twentieth century Canada.