Spring/printemps 2009

« De la diversité des parcours et des formations dans les collèges du Bas-Canada : le cas de Montréal (1789–1860) »

Ollivier Hubert
Université de Montréal et Centre interuniversitaire d’études québécoises-Laval, Département d’histoire
Published June 26, 2009
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Hubert, Ollivier. 2009. “« De La Diversité Des Parcours Et Des Formations Dans Les collèges Du Bas-Canada : Le Cas De Montréal (1789–1860) »”. Historical Studies in Education / Revue d’histoire De l’éducation 21 (1), 41-65. https://doi.org/10.32316/hse/rhe.v21i1.1749.


Based on the registration and account records of students, this study provides a portrait of the population of a Catholic college in Montreal between 1789 and 1860. A picture of strong heterogeneity thus emerges, particularly in the orientations. A situation resembling that of the French provincial institutions from the Old Regime is thus found. In fact, the College of Montreal is seen to be home to multi-purposed education, open to a diversified clientele and capable of offering education adapted to multiple expectations and abilities. In all, the image of a boarder engaged in long study periods pursued in the shadows of the walls of austere seminaries appears to need major revision. *La traduction du résumé est de Hélène Boutin et de Isabelle Bayha, sous la supervision de leur professeure d’anglais, Diane Pigeon.