Special Issue/Édition spéciale 1994

A Church in Entropy: Catholic Adelaide, 1868-1873

Brian Condon
University of South Australia
Published November 30, 1994
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Condon, Brian. 1994. “A Church in Entropy: Catholic Adelaide, 1868-1873”. Historical Studies in Education / Revue d’histoire De l’éducation 6 (3). https://doi.org/10.32316/hse/rhe.v6i3.4620.


The priest walked the hundred yards or so from the Bishop's House to the convent. He announced himself, and asked to see the Mother Prioress. He was held at the door. Eventually it was the Sub-Prioress who appeared at the door, and then only to tell him that the Mother Prioress was still not willing to see him. His warning that he now felt compelled to report to the Holy See the continued insubordination of the sisters attracted the rejoinder that he might please himself what he did...