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Special Contribution

In Memoriam: J. Donald Wilson, 1936-2019

William Bruneau


Focus on Higher Education

« [L’]utilisateur du bataillon de jeunes Québécois » : le patronat québécois et les institutions universitaires, 1980-2012

Maxime Colleret


Tripwires and Whisky Tenors: Student-Faculty Relationships in Alberta’s Normal Schools During the 1930s

Shawn W. Brackett


“One of the Boys”: Women at the Ontario Veterinary College in the Twentieth Century

Kevin Woodger, Elizabeth A. Stone




Child Labour, Parental Neglect, School Boards, and Teacher Quality: School Inspector Reports on the Supply and Demand of Schooling in Mid-nineteenth-century Sweden

Germund Larsson, Johannes Westberg


Sputnik’s Children: History of the Major Work Program in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Schools, 1954–1972

Reesa Sorin


Convent Class Struggle: Lay Sisters and Choir Sisters in America

Brian Titley


Book Reviews


Denis Simard, Jean-François Cardin et Olivier Lemieux, dir., La pensée éducative et les intellectuels au Québec. La génération 1915-1930

Normand Baillargeon


Claire IsaBelle, dir., Le système scolaire franco-ontarien. D’hier à aujourd’hui pour le plein potentiel des élèves

Jacques Touré


Xavier Riondet, Rita Hofstetter et Henri Louis Go, dir., Les acteurs de l’Éducation nouvelle au XXe siècle : itinéraires et connexions

Katryne Ouellet


Stephen Jackson, Constructing National Identity in Canadian and Australian Classrooms: The Crown of Education 

George Buri


Kirsty Robertson, Tear Gas Epiphanies: Protest, Culture, Museums

Carly Ciufo


Michelle Purdy, Transforming the Elite: Black Students and the Desegregation of Private Schools

Ashley Dennis


Jean Barman, Iroquois in the West

Crystal Fraser


Jason Ellis, A Class by Themselves?: The Origins of Special Education in Toronto and Beyond

Jane Gaskell


Jane Griffith, Words Have a Past: The English Language, Colonialism, and the Newspapers of Indian Boarding Schools

Scott McLaren


Dawn Wallin and Janice Wallace, eds., Transforming Conversations: Feminism and Education in Canada since 1970

Pamela Rogers


David A. Gamson, The Importance of Being Urban: Designing the Progressive School District, 1890-1940

Campbell F. Scribner