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David Hogan
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Patricia E. Roy
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Elizabeth Smyth
Spring / printemps 2017 2016 Canadian History of Education Association Award Recipients Details   PDF
Katie Gemmell
Fall / automne 2017 2016-17 List of Reviewers / Les examinateurs de la RHÉ pour l'année 2016-2017 Details   PDF
Katie Gemmell
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Johanna Selles Roney
Special Issue/Édition spéciale 1994 A Church in Entropy: Catholic Adelaide, 1868-1873 Abstract   PDF
Brian Condon
Spring/printemps & Fall/automne 2000 A Fondness for Charts and Children: Scientific Progressivism in Vancouver Schools 1920-50 Details   PDF
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Christine Trimingham-Jack
Spring/printemps 2001 A Protracted Struggle: Rural Resistance and Normalization in Canadian Educational History Details   PDF
Mike Corbett
Spring/printemps 2007 A Rural Secondary Education: Saskatchewan, 1958-1961 Abstract   PDF
William Bruneau
Fall/automne 2005 A Tale of Two Women: Edith Lucas, Mary Ashworth, and the Changing Nature of Educational Policy in British Columbia, 1937-1977 Abstract   PDF
Helen Raptis
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Kerry Abel
Spring/Printemps 2009 Académie commerciale ou collège classique ? L'enseignement secondaire des garçons dans un débat des années 1920 Abstract   PDF (Français (Canada))   PDF
Louise Bienvenue
Fall / automne 2011 Acadian Teacher Identity in Early Twentieth-Century New Brunswick Abstract   PDF
Frances Helyar
Fall/automne 2001 Achieving a Voice and Institutionalizing a Vision for Women: The Barnard Deanship at Columbia University, 1889-1947 Details   PDF
Andrea Walton
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Harry Smaller
Spring/printemps & Fall/automne 2000 After the Fall: Can Historical Studies Return to Faculties of Education? Details   PDF
Robert A. Levin
Fall/automne 2001 Agnes Maule Machar on the Higher Education of Women Details   PDF
Dianne M. Hallman
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Paul Axelrod
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Noah W. Sobe
Fall/automne 2007 : Special Issue/Édition spéciale Alain Bonnet. L’enseignement des arts au XIXe siècle La réforme de l’École des beaux-arts de 1863 et la fin du modèle académique. Details   PDF
Annie Champagne
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William Bruneau
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Claire Campbell
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Spring / printemps 2013 Alpha Children Wear Grey: Postwar Ontario and Soviet Education Reform Abstract   PDF
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Claire Dolan
Spring/Printemps 2009 Alvin Finkel. Social Policy and Practice in Canada: A History. Details   PDF
Christopher Walmsley
Fall/automne 2005 Alvin J. Esau. The Courts and the Colonies: The Litigation of Hutterite Church Disputes Details   PDF
John McLaren
Fall/automne 2007 : Special Issue/Édition spéciale Amy J. von Heyking, Creating Citizens: History and Identity in Alberta’s Schools, 1905 to 1980. Details   PDF
Theodore Christou
Spring / printemps 2015 Amy Sue Bix, Girls Coming to Tech! A History of American Engineering Education for Women. Details   PDF
Kael R. Sharman
Spring/printemps 2007 An Accidental Teacher: Anthony Walsh and the Aboriginal Day Schools at Six Mile Creek and Inkameep, British Columbia, 1929-1942 Abstract   PDF
Thomas Fleming, Lisa Smith, Helen Raptis
Fall/automne 2005 "An educator of modern views": The (Auto)biography of Margaret Ross, 1862-1943 Details   PDF
J. I. Little, Jean Barman
Fall / automne 2015 An Elusive Search for Peace: The Rise and Fall of the World Federation of Education Associations (WFEA), 1923-1941 Abstract   PDF
Harry Smaller
Spring / printemps 2015 "An Exceedingly Complex Institution" : Sir John Franklin High School, Yellowknife, NWT Abstract   PDF
W.P.J. Millar
Spring/Printemps 2010 Analyse comparée du contenu du premier traité de physique canadien Abstract   PDF
Alain Couillard
Spring/printemps 2005 Anatomy of a Tragedy: The Assisted Schools of British Columbia and the Death of Mabel Jones Abstract   HTML   PDF
Alastair Glegg
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Nicholas Roquet
Spring/printemps 1992 Annie Leake's Occupation: Development of a Teaching Career, 1858-1886 Details   PDF
Marilyn Färdig Whiteley
Spring / printemps 2017 Ansley T. Erickson, Making the Unequal Metropolis: School Desegregation and Its Limits Details   PDF
Ebony Duncan Shippy
Fall / automne 2013 Anthony Di Mascio, The Idea of Popular Schooling in Upper Canada: Print Culture, Public Discourse, and the Demand for Education Details   PDF
Elsbeth Heaman
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Brian Titley
Fall / automne 2014 Applying to be ‘Industrial Soldiers’: The Letters of Young Women Wanting to Train as Chemistry Laboratory Technicians, 1942-1944 Abstract   PDF
Amber Lloydlangston
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Tony Rogers
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Andrée Dufour
Spring/printemps 2001 Awakening a Demand for Schooling Details   PDF
Robert Lanning
Spring/printemps & Fall/automne 2000 Awakening a Demand for Schooling: Educational Inspection's Impact on Rural Nova Scotia, 1855-74 Details   PDF
Robert Lanning
Spring / printemps 2012 ‘Read, Listen, Discuss, Act’: Adult Education, Rural Citizenship and the Canadian National Farm Radio Forum Abstract   PDF   APPENDIX
R.W. Sandwell
Fall / automne 2011 ‘Remember Now Thy Creator in the Days of Thy Youth’: The Quiet Religious Revolution on a Canadian Campus in the 1960s Abstract   PDF
J. Paul Grayson
Fall/automne 2003 “A Concession to Circumstances”: Nova Scotia’s “Unlimited Supply” of Women Teachers, 1870-1960 Abstract   HTML   PDF
George Perry
Fall/automne 2009 “A Natural Outcome of Free Schools”: The Free Text-Book Branch in British Columbia 1908–1949 Abstract   PDF
Penney Clark, Yesman Post
Spring / printemps 2013 “A Precarious Enterprise”: A Case Study of Western Canadian Regional Educational Publishing, 1980-1989 Abstract   PDF
Penney Clark
Fall/automne 2004 “A Real Girl and a Real Dentist”: Ontario Women Dental Graduates of the 1920s Abstract   HTML   PDF
Tracey Adams
Linda M. Ambrose
Spring/printemps 2011 “Children Who Drill, Seldom Are Ill.” Drill, Movement and Sport: The Rise and Fall of a Female Tradition in Ontario Elementary Physical Education (1850s to 2000) Abstract   PDF
Nancy R. Francis, Anna H. Lathrop
Spring / printemps 2012 “I Paid No Attention To It”: An Oral History of Curricular Change in the 1930s Abstract   PDF
Patrice Milewski
Spring/printemps 2011 “I thought the people wanted to get rid of the teacher:” Educational Authority in Late-Nineteenth Century Ontario Abstract   PDF
Jennifer Anne Goldberg
Spring/printemps 1989 “Illicit” Sexuality and Public Education in Ontario, 1840-1907 Details   PDF
Bruce Curtis
Fall/automne 2008 “In Reply to Your Advertisement . . .”: Local Influences on the Hiring of Teachers, Arkona, Ontario, 1882–1884 Abstract   PDF
Gregory Kenneth Russell Stott
Fall/automne 2008 “Proper Objects of This Institution”: Working Families, Children, and the British & Canadian School Abstract   PDF
Roderick Macleod, Mary Anne Poutanen
Fall/automne 2004 “School Days, School Days, Good old Golden…?”: A Childhood in British Columbia in the 1930s and ’40s. Details   HTML   PDF
Neil Sutherland
Spring / printemps 2012 “Take this Normal Class Idea and Carry it throughout the Land”: Sunday School Teacher Training in Late Nineteenth-Century Ontario Abstract   PDF
Patricia Kmiec
Spring / printemps 2017 “Teachers Amongst their own People”: Kanyen'kehá:ka (Mohawk) Women Teachers in Nineteenth-Century Tyendinaga and Grand River, Ontario Abstract   PDF
Alison Norman
Spring / printemps 2013 “The Ayn Rand School for Tots”: John Dewey, Maria Montessori, and Objectivist Educational Philosophy during the Postwar Years Abstract   PDF
Jason Reid
Spring / printemps 2012 “The students swarm to these peaceful shores in droves”: An Historical Overview of the Postwar Spring Break Phenomenon Abstract   PDF
Michael Dawson, Ashley Doiron, Catherine Gidney
Spring/printemps 2003 “There is a definite limitation imposed” (Robin Ross to Claude Bissell, December 4, 1959). The Jewish Quota in the Faculty of Medicine, University of Toronto: Generational Memory Sustained by Documentation Abstract   HTML   PDF
Charles Levi
Fall/automne 2010 “There is no magic whereby such qualities will be acquired at the voting age”: Teachers, curriculum, pedagogy and citizenship Abstract   PDF
Lorna McLean
Spring/printemps 2006 “Through no fault of their own”: Josephine Dauphinee and the “Subnormal” Pupils of the Vancouver School System, 1911-1941 Abstract   HTML   PDF
Gerald Thomson
Fall/automne 2003 “Unless she gives better satisfaction”: Teachers, Protestant Education, and Community in Rural Quebec, Lochaber and Gore District, 1863-1945 Abstract   HTML   PDF
Mary Anne Poutanen
Spring / printemps 2017 “Unlike their Playmates of Civilization, the Indian Children’s Recreation must be Cultivated and Developed”:The Administration of Physical Education at Pelican Lake Indian Residential School, 1926–1944 Abstract   PDF
Braden Paora Te Hiwi
Spring/printemps 2006 “Where all the children were United Empire Loyalists”: Schooling in Saint John, N.B., in the 1930s and ’40s Details   HTML   PDF
Jud Purdy
Spring/printemps 1991 Éducation et modernisation en Russie tsariste, 1861-1917 Details   PDF
Jean Guy Lalande
Fall/automne 2009 Éduquer les enfants, discipliner les parents : les rapports famille-école à Montréal, 1910–1960 Abstract   PDF (Français (Canada))   PDF
Denyse Baillargeon
Spring / printemps 2014 Épilogue sur le débat sur l’enseignement de l’histoire au Québec Abstract   PDF
Marc-André Éthier, Jean-François Cardin, David Lefrançois
Spring/printemps 1994 "Évolution et Typologie des Écoles D'Argiculture au Québec (1926-1969) Details   PDF
Thérèse Hamel
Spring/Printemps 2009 « De la diversité des parcours et des formations dans les collèges du Bas-Canada : le cas de Montréal (1789–1860) » Abstract   PDF (Français (Canada))   PDF (Français (Canada))   PDF
Ollivier Hubert
Spring/printemps 2005 « Exclusivisme » et « inclusivisme » dans l’enseignement catholique au Québec. Analyse de la représentation de l’Amérindien dans les manuels d’histoire et d’histoire de l’Église utilisés dans l’enseignement primaire et sec Abstract   HTML   PDF
Jan Van Wiele
Fall/automne 2006 « L'affaire Guérin » : une contribution à la réforme de la formation des maîtres au Québec Details   HTML   PDF
Michel Allard
Fall/automne 2005 « Le Muscle et le Vouloir » : Les sports dans les collèges classiques masculins au Québec, 1870-1940 Abstract   PDF
Christine Hudon
Fall/automne 2005 « Le Muscle et le Vouloir » : Les sports dans les collèges classiques masculins au Québec, 1870-1940 Abstract   PDF
Christine Hudon
Fall/automne 2004 « Le tournoi des langues » : L’enseignement des langues étrangères dans le système scolaire suédois, 1807-2003 Abstract   HTML   PDF
Béatrice Cabau-Lampa
Spring/printemps 2007 « Une parole de Dieu fraîchement exprimée » : Fondements, usages et représentations du musée scolaire dans les pensionnats de filles des Soeurs des Saints Noms de Jésus et de Marie (1843-1981) Abstract   PDF
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Robin Wylie
Spring / printemps 2018 Back to School? Historians and the View from the Classroom Abstract   PDF
Penney Clark, Amy von Heyking
Spring/printemps 1992 Balancing the Books: Brokerage Politics and the "Ontario Readers Question" Details   PDF
Oisin Patrick Rafferty
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Patricia E. Roy
Spring / printemps 2016 Barnita Bagchi, Eckhardt Fuchs, and Kate Rousmaniere, eds., Connecting Histories of Education: Transnational and Cross-Cultural Exchanges in (Post)Colonial Education Details   PDF
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Rebecca Priegert Coulter
Spring/printemps 2005 Beyond Disciplined Questions: Interdisciplinarity and the Promise of Educational Histories Details   HTML   PDF
Mona Gleason
Fall/automne 2007 : Special Issue/Édition spéciale Beyond Signature Literacy: New Research Directions Details   PDF
Bruce Curtis
Fall/automne 2005 Beyond the Progressive Education Debate: A Profile of Toronto Schooling in the 1950s Abstract   PDF
Paul Axelrod
Spring/printemps 1994 Bibligraphy of Canadian Educational History Details   PDF
Winnifred Millar
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Wyn Millar
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Wyn Millar
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Wyn Millar
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Spring/printemps 1997 Bilingual School District Trustees and Cultural Transmission: The Alberta Experience, 1892-1939 Details   PDF
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Spring/printemps 1990 Birds of Passage or Early Professionals? Teachers in Late Nineteenth-Century British Columbia Details   PDF
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Fall / automne 2016 Book Reviews / Comptes Rendus Abstract   PDF
Jason Ellis
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Spring/Printemps 2010 Canada's 1960s: The Ironies of Identity in a Rebellious Era Details   PDF
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Fall / automne 2013 Challenging History: Educating the Public about the Japanese Canadian Experience in British Columbia Abstract   PDF
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Maurice Tardif
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